Why did we start this project?

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The Heritage & Cultural Exchange (HCE) started this project 'to preserve the materials in the HCE collection through ensuring proper storage and to create a repository making them accessible to the general public, researchers and schools.'
The project relates to the organisation of the historical/archival materials, consisting of approx. 7,000 photographs of old Cardiff docklands and portraits of people of ethnically-diverse backgrounds in Wales; audio, and videotaped interviews of life histories and stories from local residents; and documents such as magazines or seamen's discharge books. All material relating to the people who (used to) live and work in Tiger Bay, or Butetown, and the Cardiff Docks.
All this material was left in a disorganised state and is currently in storage at the Glamorgan Archives. The project was started to preserve this heritage and to uncover again all the great stories carried in those photographs, documents and interviews to make those accessible and to store them properly for the future. 
As part of this project this website and the catalogue it holds were created. We also try to digitise as much as possible, so it will be much more easy to find for people in Cardiff and all over the world.
Many volunteers continue to work with us to record the material we have so you can find it here - so a big thank you to them!